Players that have done your head in.

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Fox Fan

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Matt Oakley slow walking off at Derby to take the applause while we were losing.


Tbh, I rarely remember players once they've gone. With a single notable exception but that was akin to a force majeure. As close as I can get was recalling I thought Mark Venus was a bit shit.


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That was the first season my dad starting taking me to Filbo and I have a very powerful memory of the a racist gammon **** in front of us in the double decker.

‘Akinbiyi yer ****in black bastard!’ Bellowed dozens of times a game.

That was one bloke, I dread to think what it was like back in the 80’s.
That bloke was Akinbiyis Dad


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I think I agree, but can you elaborate? This is very much my era.
He was a bit of a Perez type player. Great feet but absolutely zero end product and always seemed to be miles away from the action.


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Levi Porter was absolute wank and a complete dullard to go with it.


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The list of these is endless isn't it? Especially in the era between Prem relegation and Sven, where we had just a conveyor belt of shit in and out of the squad.

I think the ones that I'd say frustrate me most are the ones that you expect to be good - either because they had the potential, were a big name, or because they showed in rare glimpses - but failed to ever deliver consistently on that.

Demarai Gray is definitely up there as one of those
Keith Gillespie
Gareth Williams
Mark de Vries
Ayoze Perez
Countless other wingers in there too...

I still see Paul Gallagher and Ayoze Perez as very similar and equally frustrating for the same reasons - both have good technical ability, but seem to have no natural position on a football pitch - not a winger, not an attacking mid, not a striker... Only Gally at least had a good hit on him to bring some moments of joy


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One of the crucial changes I felt to us going on to win the league was getting rid of Richie De Laet.

Always loved for his performance in the Man U 5-3, but too often was complete wank.


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Ryan Smith
Oh man he was bad at literally everything you’d expect a winger to be good at.

Same goes for Andy Welsh in that era. In fact, didn’t we go back and loan him for a second time? Dark days.
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