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Premier League 2017/18

Brown Nose

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It's kicking off at West Ham. Fans on pitch waving the corner flags and referee halting match . . .

Apparently, home fans fighting with each other and stewards can't stop them . . .

Described as 'absolute carnage'!

Unfortunate photo . . .



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In a city where you can choose to be a Chelsea fan, it's hard to believe that they're all ****s. Still, an interesting read though I think there's more to be said (and being said) about the owners.


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Brings back memories of nasty times. I actually know a former ICF guy. Pretty well known one.
Nice bloke as it goes. I consider him a friend. The key to that being, in his own words:

"giving up the stupid kiddy shit when you stop being a stupid kiddy"

These cretins on the other hand are in their ****ing 50s & their proudest moments are STILL being a teenage wanker.

Tell them to go get ****ed.

I wonder what it would be like if my teenage achievements were still the highlight of my existence?

That's a lie though. I don't wonder any such thing. Because it's ****ing obvious to anyone with a brain cell what it'd be like.

I'd be a prize ****.


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This was part of an email from my brother the other day

"Appointing Pardew showed how much they know about football. I saw it a hundred times in my working life. Some outside investor would buy a company then appoint a real deadbeat because he had "been in the business for many years and had a wealth of experience". Invariably it was a tosser who had failed at umpteen companies."

Can easily apply to Hughes too.


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Wow, football really is rubbish isn’t it. Have Brighton really ‘rested’ on fire Glenn Murray for an FA Cup Quarter-Final? For Leo? Sitting in 12th in the PL on 34 pts?

Dread to think what team we will put out tomorrow.
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  1. RT @ricbpereira: We didn’t get the win but we take a point on the road 💪🏾 Thanks to the fans for the support once again 👏🏾 @LCFC @premierl

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  3. RT @BenChilwell: Tough game today, good character to come back and get the draw. Congrats @harveybarnes97 on your first goal for the club🔥…

  4. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, #lcfc fans! 👍 https://t.co/j3H0LM5Jqn

  5. A crucial contribution from @Vardy7 today 🔥 He's your #WhuLei Man of the Match! 🏅 https://t.co/T2tZlyh5l5

Premier League

P Pld Pts
Manchester City 34  86
Liverpool 34  85
Tottenham  34  67
Arsenal 33  66
Chelsea 34  66
Manchester Utd 33  64
Watford 34  49
Leicester 35  48
Wolves 34  48
10 Everton 34  46
11 West Ham Utd 35  43
12 Newcastle Utd 35  41
13 Bournemouth 35  41
14 Palace 34  39
15 Burnley 34  39
16 Southampton 34  36
17 Brighton 34  34
18 Cardiff City 34  31
19 Fulham 35  23
20 Huddersfield 35  14