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Premier League 2018/19

Brown Nose

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I've been reading about Man City and the investigations into their ownership and finances.

It's looks pretty obvious that they've been massaging and disguising income and expenditure figures in order to appear to comply with FFP.

They're now subject to separate investigations by FIFA, Uefa, the FA and the Premier League.

They're spending an absolute fortune with a mass of lawyers trying to denounce all accusations.

I expect they'll buy their way out of trouble as usual, but it does bring into question the fairness of the game and whether their success is earned or purely purchased.

Of course we did the same thing on a smaller scale. At that time our reaction was anti-FFP and the authorities, just like Man City.

For me it boils down to at what point a club is investing beyond its means. That's what FFP is for. However if a club can always outspend everyone else, how long before it ruins the game?

PSG, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Celtic, etc. all win their respective leagues every year. Do we just allow Man City to do the same here?

Blue Maniac

Alzheimers sufferer
Isn’t that literally the premier league table?

****ing money rules everything.
Bit of a head scratcher, this comment.

First, yes, the teams are listed in order of their finishing position in the table.

Secondly, three of the five columns are the same from top to bottom. One of the other two, the merit payment, is literally determined by your final league position, so obviously the teams that finished higher will have been paid more. Facilities fees are the only thing that will be out of order, because it’s simply highly unlikely that would ever be in perfect descending order. That’s why Everton’s total is higher than Wolves’, for example.
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Premier League

P Pld Pts
Bournemouth  0
Arsenal  0
Aston Villa  0
Brighton  0
Burnley  0
Chelsea  0
Palace  0
Everton  0
Leicester  0
10 Liverpool  0
11 Manchester City  0
12 Manchester Utd  0
13 Newcastle Utd  0
14 Norwich City  0
15 Sheffield Utd  0
16 Southampton  0
17 Tottenham   0
18 Watford  0
19 West Ham Utd  0
20 Wolves  0