Premier League 23/24

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I don’t mind Wolves. I had a night out in the 90s in Wolverhampton that was probably as sketchy a night out as I’ve ever had. It was ropey at every point, but I’ve never had an issue in games against them. They’re similar to us in stature.
Mostly had positive interactions with Wolverhampton types. Worked with a team from Wolverhampton more than 20 years ago, the lad who hired me went on to be on the telly with that there WWE wrestling. Also I used to shag a Wolves fan. Magnificently filthy woman.
I too have nowt against the place generally. But that mass kicking stands out. Other experiences are a bit mixed. An epically debauched night with the best looking & dirtiest woman I've ever known at the now long defunct Fox Hotel, counterbalanced by being drunkenly chatted up by a mid 50s transvestite in a curry house. Both of these events were in the late 90s. Swings & roundabouts.
Just had a winner on the horses then 2 seconds later got a flashscore update on the Spurs game. A ****ing golden few minutes that was.
Just realised that Wolves double chance is part of one of todays accas. Even better news. Definitely going to watch the highlights later.

FFP now becomes irrelevant for Newcastle, then

Prem clubs love it and can't object properly even though their fans probably should. If only more of a fuss was made when Warford did the same when they rebranded as Udinese B. No one cared as they were Watford and weren't a threat. The wider implications were clear but the biggest worry was Elton might start doing opera. Now every **** of a club (including ours) can exploit such shit if they choose. Difference here being Newcastle have a better chance of gaining from it than whatever we've got going on in Belgium if we've even got that now. Are we still bothering with that exercise to get that lad on the cheap from sheff wed only to eventually bin him off?
Not even pretending or trying to hide it. **** off, it’s not right and it’s not in the spirit of sport.

It makes me sick that the BBC, Sky, everyone carry on like this is fine. It’s ****ing rank.
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