Premier League end of season stats


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Only the top six scored more goals than Leicester.

Not so good defensively though. Two of the relegated teams conceded fewer goals than Leicester.

Jamie Vardy was the fourth highest scorer with 20 goals, Mahrez was 10th with 12 goals.
Vardy was offside 44 times, more than any other player in the league.

Mahrez's 10 assists are the 5th best in the league. The only players with more than him play for Manchester City.

Ndidi, with 138, made more tackles than any other player. Kante was 3rd with 113

Harry Maguire is one of ten players to play every minute of every game.

Schmeichel made two penalty saves. Only Fabianski at Swansea made more.

We made 15,186 passes, 11th highest in the league.
When we won the league we made 13,370.

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