What's the best option?

  • Give Rodgers ten games and then reassess

    Votes: 29 54.7%
  • Give Rodgers the whole season and the reassess

    Votes: 9 17.0%
  • Sack Rodgers now

    Votes: 13 24.5%
  • I don't vote in polls with such limited options

    Votes: 2 3.8%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
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City Fan

Well-Known Member
Not sure why he’s surprised he’s not being backed in the transfer window after his signings last season.


Well-Known Member
Surprised we haven’t had a story like this sooner
Completely made up and totally unfounded bollocks ones that are badly written and complete wibble? There’s loads of ‘em in this place mate.


Well-Known Member
So the majority want to reassess after 10 games. Sensible.

Fox Fan

Well-Known Member

I'll not go to war with the club, but I will talk about how I worked my summer holidays to bring players in who the club then haven't signed. I'll also take every opportunity to talk about the lack of transfers to give myself and the players a free pass for poor performances.

City Fan

Well-Known Member
Boohoo poor me.

What a ****.

Fox Fan

Well-Known Member
Well worth having a read of the quotes he's provided to talksport today. They read terribly.

Not to mention he spent most of last season saying we were overachieving - he's absolutely lost his head here.

City Fan

Well-Known Member
Nice to see we also practice tapping up other clubs players.

City Fan

Well-Known Member
It’s not me, it’s not me… I didn’t spunk close to 60m last summer on shit.
Exactly this. I’d love for a proper journalist to go back with something like “but didn’t you have a load of money to spend last summer, which you and your mate Congerton spunked on players you now want to get rid of?”

Vichai wouldn’t stand for this ****ishness. Do the right think Top and get him gone.


Well-Known Member
Not a good look really Brendan. You’re not going to get your way over transfers this time.

Put the message out that you’re working hard on coaching your already ample squad, even though I suspect that you’re not.

I can’t believe that the seasons started and he’s still going on about this, it’s actually quite unprofessional.
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