Scunthorpe pre-season game 1997 - did anybody else go?


Water Gypsy
Somebody must be able to help me. I was at this game - away at Scunthorpe, but I can't remember where it was played. I know it wasn't Glanford Park and The Old Show Ground had been closed years previously.

The ground had a banked cycle track around it. Where was it? And why wasn't the game played at Glanford Park?

I await the silence.


Water Gypsy
Wikipedia says it was Glanford Park, and that's always right...

This is probably the place:
It definitely wasn't Glanford Park and I'm absolutely sure you are right in suggesting Quibell Park, Jeff. The odd thing is that I've only just realised that I also saw Canterbury Crusaders speedway ride there in the late 70s. I've never before connected the two events.


Water Gypsy
Were you at the game?
I certainly wasn't the only one there. It was quite a tour in my old campervan. Started off at Torpoint. Other games I remember were at Grantham, Preston (on a Friday night), Harrow Borough (the following afternoon), Oadby (with Steve Claridge in the team while the rest of the first team squad were in Greece playing Olympiakos). I also took in F!"£$t thrashing Doncaster Rovers at the old Belle Vue in the 1st round of the League Cup. Then the next night was Bradford at the McAlpine, which still at that time only had two sides and one end. Newcastle at Valley Parade in a friendly.
Quite a trip and there were other games, long forgotten. I think that was the year that I finally got into the 92 club at Lincoln.


Water Gypsy
Wasn't that in 1999, when you went to Lincoln v Millwall?
Yiou gave me a lift to that game.
You are correct. I seem to remember you playing for the IFoxes or, more probably, the Yetis before the game . And Bernie Muollo being ill and blaming the pie he had eaten before the exertion of the supporters game.

And that Lincoln fan with that siren!
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