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Water Gypsy
Hi Jeff
For the last hour or so, I've been seeing the triangular 'not secure' icon next to the URL whilst I have been on the site with a warning not to post any sensitive information.
I was just about to let you know when it reverted to the usual lock 'secure' icon. Not noticed this happening previously so I thought I would let you know even though it seems to have sorted itself.


Staff member
I think it happens when you go to a page on the site with the address, rather than just The www should not be used, but some old bookmarks and links might go to the www version.

For some reason the security certificate for the www version hasn't renewed when it should. Although the warning says it's not secure, it is, the only difference is an out of date security certificate.

The other reason you might get that message is if you go to an address that starts with http:// instead of https://

Both things are fixable, so I'll look into it now.


Well-Known Member
I get that on some sites when I am connected through a VPN. I think the browser or the server sometimes detects that the data is going through a middle man and sees a potential attack.


Staff member
This seems to be a small symptom of bigger issues on the server.

While looking into this I discovered that the overnight backup of the site stopped working in April. And I didn't receive a warning about this because the server isn't sending emails.

I might need to reinstall the server. But to do that I need a backup of the site to restore from, and the manual backup system is also broken. So it would be a long winded job doing a database dump and file copy. So that would probably involve several hours of site downtime.


Water Gypsy
Jeeeesh - from little molehills massive mountains grow!


Well-Known Member
If you can read this, the site's up again. I've moved it to a different server, and it seems to be working. This is just temporary though, I'll be moving it back again once I've rebuilt that server.
Any way we can contribute or do you have a buymeacoffee or owt?


Well-Known Member
While looking into this I discovered that the overnight backup of the site stopped working in April.
Cripes. Think of all of the amazing content that could have been lost. With posts like... er... you know...
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