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I've have had problems with the server for the last couple of weeks, and despite wasting a lot of time tinkering, there are still problems.

So I've now obtained a new, much more powerful server, and I'm in the process of setting it up. The site should be moving to the new server in the next few days. There will be some down time while this happens.


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The site is now running on the new server.

Let me know if anything's broken.


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in the last couple of days the emails have been hitting my spam box, I haven't changed any settings my end?


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in the last couple of days the emails have been hitting my spam box, I haven't changed any settings my end?
Thanks for letting me know. Hopefully you received those before yesterday afternoon, when I made some big changes to the way the site sends emails.

Emails should now be less likely to be marked as spam because they're now sent from (previously the emails were from, and I've set up spf, dkim and dmarc records, which mail providers use to help decide what is spam.

So if you've received something since yesterday afternoon that's still ended up in the spam box, your email provider must think it's spam based on the contents of the email, rather than the way it was sent. If this is the case, please mark any emails in your spam box as not spam, and add the from address (noreply at to your address book.

To help me work out what might have gone wrong...

If you're using gmail (presumably other email systems have something similar), click on the menu, then 'view original'. In the header you should see something like this:


If you don't see three passes, something's gone wrong.
If you check this and don't see three passes, I'd appreciate it if you could let me know when you received the email, and the email address it was sent to.


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I use outlook it was yesterday they started bouncing to spam despite me marking them as not spam, I have now added the email address to contacts and that seems to have solved it


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I have an outlook address and have just sent a test email to it.

It went in the spam box.

But I can see from the headers it passed the spf, dkim and dmarc tests. And it didn't look spammy at all, it didn't even have a link in it.

So Microsoft's spam filter obviously has a problem with us.

If you use Outlook, please mark any emails from us that end up in your spam box as not spam. If you do that, their system should learn and it will help everyone.
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