The Good The Bad and The Gravest Injustice

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David Gwilliam

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This posting is intended to provoke and is one man’s opinion except for the last item which is incontrovertible The title is obviously a homage to “The Good The Bad And The Ugly” which is one of my favourite movies.

The list of best and worst is made more complicated by having begun watching football in the 1950s but only saw Leicester in the 1968-69 season. So I saw Stanley Mattress (in his forties) but not Gordon Banks I reget that I only saw Pele or Di Stefano on a TV screen.

Best Leicester player – Peter Shilton The best goalkeeper I have ever seen and for a time arguably the best goalkeeper in the world.

Best player of any club – Duncan Edwards. Alex Ferguson and Bobby Charlton agree, Jimmy Murphy said “I laugh when people call Ali the Greatest; the Greatest was a boy from Dudley.”

Worst Leicester [player – It is tempting to say Spider Kalic on the basis of one horrendous game. However, I go for Robbie Savage whose attempts to get other players sent off was for me a stain on football

Worst Players Of Any Club – When spectators pay their hard earned money they have a right to a proper contest. Therefore I pick avid Layne, Tony Kay and Peter Swan of Sheffield Wednesday who bet against their own team. Wednesday lost the match; whether they would have lost anyway we will never know. Swan denied the accusation but the case was watertight. There was no suggestion that their Ipswich opponents were involved.

Filbert Street or King Power; King Power every time/

Best Non Football event at King Power: I never thought Andrea Bocelli would sing in Leicester At a time when he was arguably the best singer in the world he sang for free at the King Power in 2016.

Most Exciting Leicester Player It is between Keith Weller and Jamie Vardy. I will choose Jamie Vardy because his runs were closer to the opposition goal/ Sorry Keith.

Most Exciting Plater Of Any Club – Nat Lofthouse. Todays referees would have spoiled his game. He did not trick defenders like Matthews but seemed to simlpy go through them.

Best crowds 1970s or today. Todays are better. In the 1970s many fans were racist and homophobic. I remember in the 1950s asking my father why the Wolves fans were singing “Ey ay addio the goalie is a fairy” at a Preston goalkeeper called Fred Else. I don’t think my father was had expected to discuss it with me when I was about eight.

Best Leicester manager: It has to be Claudio although I have high hopes of Brendan Rodgers

Worst Leicester manager: Martin Allen. I will not say why because as Mr Mandaric said at the time “God made lawyers” I am amazed that a man who was sacked “for non football reasons” should have got another managerial job.

Best Manager Of Any Club: I will pick Brian Clough because he not only did a wonderful job at Derby and Forest but he stood against the Don Revie type of cheating Also unlike Matt Busby and Alf Ramsey he was fun.

Best Things About Modern Football: So many good things – the TV Coverage the rise of women’s football, the influx of foreign players. However, I will go for the wonderful pitches. Stanley Matthews showed his genius on muddy fields.

Worst Things About Modern Football: The financial plight oof small clubs and the fussiness over the rules. With exceptions a foul should intentional.

Biggest Injustice In Football: In a schoolboy Match in the late 1950s the centre half made a horrendous error leading to an easy goal/ There was nothing the goalkeeper could have done. You will be shocked to know the blameless goalkeeper was not only blamed but dropped from the side. My family who have heard this injustice more than once tell me it was over sixty years ago and I should let it go. No! Never!
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