Speculation The hysterical and annoying, but traditional, totally unfounded summer 2022 rumours thread

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He may want to go, they won't be shy about paying over the odds either in terms of salary or transfer fee. We are going to need a younger keeper in the not-too-distant anyway, Ward doesn't appear to be good enough and Iversen will need more development whether or not he makes the grade

Brown Nose

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Schmeichel has made it clear enough that he wants more European football, I think he specified that he wants more Champions League football before he finishes.

He knows he's not getting that here next season at least. So he's got a decision to make on whether he's happy to stay here another year and then be a free agent to pick where he goes or move on this summer.

As he turns 36 later this year, he can't hang around. I think it's probable that he has already made it clear to the club that he'd like a new challenge either this summer or next. Either that, or the comments he made weren't true and he'll be happy to sign an extension here and remain until we decide he's not good enough any more.

The other factor is his salary. He's reportedly on £130k week which is the 4th highest keeper salary in the PL (according to spotrac). If he leaves this summer, who will pay him what he'd earn staying here?

I think that there would be plenty of clubs in Denmark or other countries that would take him and offer Champions League football but they're not paying him £130k a week.

On the club side, we haven't been linked with any keepers which I'd expect by now if we knew we were replacing him. BR has spoken about needing more physicality next season so it may be that a new keeper is part of that plan. I'd say it's 50/50 whether he stays.

What I think is definite is that we don't have an in house replacement. Ward is shit. Jakupovic is old and just a back up of a back up. Iversen is doing well but the word on the street is that our preference is to sell him this summer for £5-£10m as we don't think he fits the bill to be our first choice keeper. That's mainly down to his poor ability with his feet.

So until I see us linked with a new keeper, I think we can assume Schmeichel will be the number one next season.


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He's a Leicester City legend and to see him playing for Newcastle would be really shit.


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Kasper to Newcastle FFS

What are you talking about? Absolute bollocks.

Still one of the top keepers in the league, an absolute club legend, has suggested he wants to play Champions League football, Newcastle can't offer that and he's not better than what any of the top 4 already has, and no way we'd sell without him pushing for a move.

Absolute drivel of a rumour, no way it happens.


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I do think people ought to be careful about what they post on here (I'm not picking on you: yours just happens to be the latest Soumare post).

I have no inside knowledge, but the strange way that he has missed long spells for 'personal reasons' could mean he's having mental issues. It must be very difficult for a youngster, coming to a different country, having to acclimatise to strange English customs and not be an instant success at a job, for which you are being well paid.

This may, or may not be so in Soumare's case but, it most certainly will be one day with a player not hitting the highs...

All very true. I have mentioned previously that i think some of his absences have been for reasons other than the official "has this shits" or whatever....similarly to Perez and his resurrection. If it is mental health stuff it would be strange for Ted to say Soumare was fine for yesterday but just not chosen.

Brown Nose

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What could possibly go wrong with this? I mean nothing has ever gone wrong getting the manager's son involved at the club. Or getting tied into an agency with very dubious interests. Worrying to say the least.



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What could possibly go wrong with this? I mean nothing has ever gone wrong getting the manager's son involved at the club. Or getting tied into an agency with very dubious interests. Worrying to say the least.

No surprise here.

Get ready for more dog shit signings from said agency representatives rather than ones that would benefit the club.

Good to know it's not just the £10m we will be giving the Rodgers family.

Filled with dread re this 're-build'


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That's how I read it too. Makes sense why we signed Bertrand at least

Yep. Absolutely no reason for signing old promising youngster Bertrand otherwise really. Maybe Bertrand giving birth had an impact on his physical abilities?


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We need someone who can actually play on the right wing, which ain't him. Sort that, and, even losing Tielemans and Soyuncu, we've got a strong first eleven to build on
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