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Atletico Madrid player Arda Turan turns into Mr Angry & throws his boot :)

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Real Madrid fans waving their white hankies after the final whistle even they won the tie.
Schalke won 4-3 on the night and it was poor defending from both sides throughout.

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Entertaining though
It was too. The poor dog was waiting for me to take him out but in the end I thought I'd go as I couldn't see Schalke scoring two in the last 10 minutes. They scored one though and could have scored again but for Castilas making a couple of good saves. They might have done it with a bit of luck


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Went to Rapid Vienna on Saturday. Currently playing in a 55k stadium whilst they build a new stadium in position of their previous. In a league which resembles the Scottish top flight, fair play to the fans who had a very good go at creating an atmosphere. 15,700 turned out to see them play very poor opposition. Like Germany, great set-up for fans. Beer with in sight of the pitch (and a cup deposit system which reduces litter), I could stand up, no badgering stewards.

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Barcelona beat Man City 1-0 so 3-1 on aggregate.
But missed penalty on 77 minutes by Aguero. So what could have been had it gone in and would it have made the difference.
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English sides are shit, not one worthy of going any further.
Further proof that the premier league isn't the best league in the world. In terms of excitement, and the fact you don't know which will finish where, it's not even the best in the country.
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