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Melton Fox

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We have open threads and forums on TV, Films, Music & Games but as far as I am aware, not on books.

What type of books do we like, what was the last one to entertain us, what are we currently reading etc etc.

I enjoy reading the Robert Ludlum books, Terry Pratchett and the Adrian Mole series. But I will read allsorts.

If I am in a hotel room for the night, I will usually buy some cheap rubbishy book from a service station and usually end up engrossed in it.



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most recent completed book was 'derby days'

top quality and very interesting accounts of various local derbies around the uk.


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i tried this a while back people didnt seem too interested but here goes:

just finished jennifer government, orwellian type story, finished that in a day, pretty good.

in the middle The mitrokhin archive II: KGB & the world my heavy going book about KGB ops, files stolen by a former KGB archivist

just start The Historian... abook about Dracula, quite compelling only 50pages in so far pretty good it was Richard & Judys book of the week or some't:icon_bigg


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This is what I am currently reading. Very good book profiling a season of following Verona home and away with their renowned fans.Quality book that is also quite political.

Lboro fox

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Im a big Ben Elton fan, all his books are incredibly inciteful with some very clever ideas. Though the last one i read was inconceivable with they turned into the film maybe baby, and to be honest was the worst i have read so far!!

Am currently reading fever pitch, but am struggling to get into it TBH, its a little bizarre and i sense it will never get going!!


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I enjoy reading Terry Pratchett, Robert Rankin, and those kind of books. My all time favourite though, is Dracula by Bram Stoker. Even if it did lead to one of the worst film adaptations I have ever had the misfortune to watch.


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we got all of his books real good reading ,when you start you carnt put the book down

P J tracy is a new writer which we found and love there book the first one was called want to play very good read heres a bit about her

From Publishers Weekly
A mother-daughter writing team pens a soundly plotted thriller that fires on all cylinders. Tracy (the authors' pseudonym) seamlessly weaves together three distinct subplots converging on a Minneapolis software company, Monkeewrench, run by eclectic misfits and founded by the beautiful, bitchy, haunted Grace MacBride, an enigmatic recluse. The slaying of an elderly couple in a Wisconsin church draws Sheriff Michael Halloran and his amorous deputy, Sharon Mueller, into an investigation that brings unprecedented scrutiny to their conservative rural town. At the same time, a string of baffling murders in Minneapolis are driving homicide detectives Leo Magozzi and Gino Rolseth bonkers. Then the folks at Monkeewrench figure out what's going on: a killer is staging a series of exotic murders that duplicate those in their grisly new video game, Serial Killer Detective. Desperate to prevent additional murders (the game has 20), the programmers study the victims to figure out who might be next. Meanwhile, Magozzi's investigation reveals that MacBride and her colleagues created entirely new identities for themselves years earlier, for reasons the FBI won't reveal, but which, Magozzi slowly finds, are connected to another series of murders a decade earlier in Atlanta. Tracy covers all the bases in this debut thriller: an accelerating, unpredictable plot that combines police procedural with techno-geek-speak, an array of well-drawn characters and, most importantly, witty repartee.
Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information, Inc.
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This is probably my favourite ever book. I also think that the film was very good, one of the only films I've enjoyed after reading the book.


I have just finished In the company of Heroes by Mike Durant. He was the pilot of the helicopter shot down in Somalia which was featured in the film Black Hawk Down. Great book


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I've got the reading bug after being on holiday. there's not much more to do when the missus is sun bathing.

I read The Righteous Men by Sam Bourne and loved it. i still keep wishing i could go back and carry on reading. It's themed around judaism (sp?) and is a bit of an adventure like the Da Vinci Code.

Currently reading Faithless by Karin Slaughter. serial killer crime solving story. very good so far.

I think since i read so much on holiday i'll read a lot more now.
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Cate Fox

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This is probably my favourite ever book. I also think that the film was very good, one of the only films I've enjoyed after reading the book.
Had to study that for GCSE English - really enjoyed reading it.

Trying to read Stan Collymore's autobiog, but dont seem to be getting very far at the moment... seems to be repeating himself in every chapter so far
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Melton Fox

Dancing Queen
Currently reading Faithless by Karin Slaughter. serial killer crime solving story. very good so far. .
Just finished Indelible by Karin Slaughter. Never heard of her before I saw this book sat on the shelf of a service station. Bought it for £3.99 and was pleasently surprised.

Is Faithless one of the Jeffrey Toliver & Sara Linton series?, Indelible is and I believe there is more

I will be reading more of hers in time


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Had to study that for GCSE English - really enjoyed reading it.
So did I. I had already read the book and watched the film before we started studying it, best couple of months I spent doing English.

For GCSE English we also studied To Kill A Mockingbird, David Copperfield, and Othello.


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Favourite Writer is Nick Hornby, anyone who mentioned Fever Pitch, there is no such storyline, its just about a bloke growing up with football and writing about footie game has he goes along. Nothing like the film.

I finished reading a Joy Division book on the making of Unknown Pleasures.

Now onto Passion Is A Fashion, a biography about The Clash.
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