The US 2020 Election Thoughts/Predictions


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So the 2020 Election is coming up fast and I think what happens in the US tends to make a difference in many other places, notably our little island.

A lot of things will be affected by the election result including worldwide stock markets and finance, trade between the US and UK and the socio-political landscape across the world.

I don't think there's been a crazier lead up to an election in the United States for some time. With Trump being incumbent, COVID causing chaos, and the huge divide between both sides of the electorate, it's going to be interesting.

FWIW I think a lot more is going to happen before the election. Politics is a very dirty game. I predict a lot of chaos leading up to the election in these final months. I reckon there will be more rioting and issues and everything the Trump administration does will be under a microscope to try to find as many faults as possible.

Biden is raising tonnes and tonnes of money so it will be interesting to see how well that goes for him. I would say that once again the odds are stacked against Trump but he may have the "silent majority" behind him.

l think Biden is an awful opponent and the Democrats should have gone for someone younger and fresher. However there's such a vehement dislike towards Trump from some people that in all the hate, people don't think clearly. Biden has Obama ties and plenty of time in politics so that will bode well for him. This really could go either way!

Just some healthy/friendly debate and conversation might interest a few. So if anyone's interested then fire away. And if no one cares then that's cool too!

Have a great day.
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