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Thom Yorke Headless Chicken

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i have a couple of copies of
"The Hometown Attrocities e.p" which featured
headless chickens feat thom yorke guitar/vocals
and 3 other local southwest bands
full songs on e.p are
headless chickens - i dont want to go to woodstock
mad at the sun - this could be
beaver patrol - no respect
jackson penis - who cares

the ep was released in 1989 only 1,000 or so copies were pressed so this quite rare, there is a A5 four sided mini piece on each band also two original flyers and the record is new unplayed, i have 5 copies to sell at
£39.99 if you are interested pm me and we can sort out payment details .
i will pack record between thick card and put in jiffy bag for protection and will post 1st recorded.


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marbles god you city fans sure have a sense of fun i would hate to prize them away from your collection lol,
if your a fan its well worth it as there brand new unplayed i obtained them from the mad at the sun singer to sell years ago when i used to run a indie distro, they will only increase in value i can hold on to them for another 20 years im in no rush to sell them, i actually had a beer with tom at one of the headless chickens gigs i went to he was a cool dude from what i can remember.
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