Post Match Tottenham 3 Leicester 0


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If we had any defenders, that could've been so different.

Then again, Kane always scores against us. So maybe not...

Rock Fox

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shocking lack of effort in second half - taking off Ndidi and Tieleman for Mendy and Praet was less than inspired


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I really did not expect anything else. We look knackered and like we are scraping the barrel.

Miles Away

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If we want to stand any chance at all against United (and to be clear they will pump us):

Two deep banks of 4, leave Barnes and Vardy up top. Sit deep, force them onto us and hit them on the break.

wont happen in a million years. He plays one way, and it was already sussed out and now he doesn’t have the players to play it.

****ing grim.


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shocking lack of effort in second half - taking off Ndidi and Tieleman for Mendy and Praet was less than inspired
I think we have to remember that the players like Ndidi and Tielemans have been playing a ridiculous amount of football - hence the number of injuries that we currently have.


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Stupid idea to start with that back three
Stupid idea not to change immediately after the second
Stupid idea to stick with an insane back three with everybody out of position
Stupid idea not to ****ing practice corners until their ****ing feet bleed
Stupid, hopeless management to **** up a 15 point lead and finish fifth

****ing awful


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I was expecting a defeat and hoping for <3 goals

we are playing with reserve defenders, and lacking 3 of our most dynamic players.

These matches aren’t the problem, it’s the pre and post lockdown matches against bottom half teams


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Poor beyond words. I expected us to lose but I said in the pre-match thread that I would be okay with that if we saw a performance. We were hopeless and, more worryingly, spineless. I have no complaints with the selection, that pretty much decided itself, but to play such a high line against that front 3 when you have a makeshift defence is simply idiotic beyond words.

We went downhill faster than Compo in a ****ing tin bath after that first and the manager did the square root of **** all about it. I actually feel sorry for Perez and Thomas who had decent games and had to watch the diarrhoea that was going on around them.

Awful, awful, awful.


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So in hindsight we should have started with:






The Old Fox

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Disappointing BUT I didn't see a lack of effort. We could, so easily, have got a point - and I know that sounds daft when you're beaten 3-0. Wes' is now too slow but, did all that could be asked; Thomas was shown to be inexperienced but, will only get experience by playing.

I wouldn't decry anyone for that game.


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People can talk about a lack of effort but the players are knackered. Absolutely shagged.


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At least I haven't wasted a nowtv day pass as the test is actually playable today.

Cricket in Manchester for ****s sake......Almost as absurd a decision as playing the world's slowest back three so far up the pitch they all had nosebleeds.


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I dunno why but I'm kinda relaxed. Not watching it helps obviously!

But I also expected no less and at half-time I was anticipating the dicking I feared. It didn't happen so I feel relieved and, for some unfathomable reason, almost as if it's a result I can handle.

But it asks some serious questions, you've got to wonder why what happened happened. I really don't expect anything next Sunday, so a 15 point gap eroded.
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