Pre Match Tottenham v Leicester

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So another season over, before a ball was kicked id have took 9th with last game at Wembley The owners have been true to their word ie backed Puel until the end of the season Id oubt the outcome f this game will have much of an effect on their decision. If they still think Puel is the man to take us forward they must give him money to brng in3 or 4 quality players of the managers choice or sack after the game and start afresh prior to preseason training
As for the game, with them already qualified for the Champions League the team may not be fully charged up (barring Kane who still seeks that golden boot)
I expect us to be unchanged and i think we might sneek a 1-2 win (Vardy Iheanacho)


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Kane has scored nine goals against Leicester, more than he has against any other Premier League side.
Yes I can see a Kane hat-trick tomorrow. He’s 3 behind Salah, and 4 away from getting the PL 38 game record.

Hopefully Vardy will be chasing two goals to make it a 20 league goal season.

6-6 it is.
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