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Well lads here it is the first game of the season and lets be honest it has to be up there as one of the games of the season on paper.

I am abit worried to be honest as we have so many new players in the starting 11 it is only natural that it will take a few games for them to gel and bed into their roles.

Prediction 1-1!!
I hope!


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Outrageous suggestion, you lily livered coward !!

This is a season we will remember for a long time - and for all the right reasons.

And it starts tomorrow

We will not score less than two, and we will not let in more than one. We cannot lose, and we will not draw

Three - one win at least
First scorer big Dion
Other two from Connolly

Where's your backbone? Where's your fighting spirit ?
Sort yourself out and believe........


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I hope and pray you are right! I am always nervous at the start of the season especially when i havnt seen the team play yet!

Looking forward to tomorrow as i have moved season tickets this year so all excited!!!

I agree Connolly has to score against his old side in is in the Runes!!

Naughty Fox

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Lets put it this way, we will see more wins this season than last 8)
I think we have got an excellent chance this year, I was talking to a Wolves fan yesterday and he recons us and the Hammers will fight it out this year and he can not see Wolves doing anything, he was pissed off with Jones and the lack of signings.
It's all good :wink:


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I think we will be first. Second place, i think shall be between West Ham and Leeds. The play-offs will be hard to predict, I aint even gonna try.

Also we can't get too hyped up. There some good teams in this division.



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Can't get too hyped up, bolleaux. First game of the season, if you're not optimistic now when will you be.
Lets get stick in to them from the first whistle. Can't get a better game for Connolly to start his City career on than this one. 3 - 0 City, Dublin and Connolly to both get off the mark. 8)
Come on you blue boys :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
12 1/2 hours time I'll be walking down filbo way, spines a tingling already.
Its good to have the footie back. (Only good thing about the fizzy league is it starts 1 week before premier so we aren't starved of footie for so long!!! :wink: )


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3-1 to City

Connolly, Williams and Dublin to score.

Rebrov will get theirs.


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I think this game is quite difficult to predict a scoreline as its probably the biggest game of the season. I think the deciding factor is the crowd, if there up for it then we will win. We also need to get off to a flyer, a win is a must for the first game of the season (Hows that for an obvious statement) :lol:


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Feel gutted but only because it should not have been a sending off. We would have easily won otherwise, W_ham can blow pretty bubbles out their arse for all I care, either we are going up or they are utter S*ite!

Still feel that guppy is better than coxy...the fat B@st**@(reeves and Mortimer) Also if we as fans hated having someone sent off I'm not filled with great confidence at the prospect of our own Tiatto returning from his current suspension.

We CAN do it though so lets all believe...COME ON LEICESTER :twisted:
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