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What Are You Listening To Now?


Been listening to The Killers, Snow Patrol and some Bloc Party whilst i cut the lawn and did the ironing, what crazy times i'm living :icon_sad:

Ox Fox

New Member
This evening I will be mostly listening to How Strange, Innocence by Explosions In The Sky and Worlds Apart by You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead

highland fox

New Member
From 10 til 4 everyday I am subjected to listening toScottish folk type music,purely in order to try and sell some CDs and certainly not by choice.At the moment I can hear the delights of Runrig.As soon as I get on the train at 4 I will be listening to my usual Indie miserable stuff:)


New Member
drummindefender said:
didn't think much of them wen i saw them support phonics-a franz ferdinand rip off really
I doubt we are talking about the same Dead Kennedy's...

highland fox

New Member
The Jesus and Mary Chain-Darklands
The Veils-The Runway Found
Placebo-Black Market Music

Though not all at the same time....

Ox Fox

New Member
This morning is going to start with Then I Saw The Holy City by The Out Crowd following by a light sprinkling of Discreet Music by Brian Eno

A semi-interesting DKs story for MK:

The Dead Kennedys have pulled out of a gig in LA after discovering that the event was being sponsored by Coors Brewery:

Guitarist and founder member of the band East Bay Ray declared: "Dead Kennedys have always been wary of corporate sponsorship and steer clear of lending our name to promote a product. Because we were not alerted to the ultra conservative, right-wing sponsor for this event, we could not see a reason to go ahead and perform at this show in good conscience."

He continued: "Dead Kennedys want nothing to do with this event or Coors and I am disgusted that they are now sponsoring punk shows, something they are politically at odds with."

Actually the Coors company are probably ideologically in line with former punks flogging off their former rebellion as part of a nostalgia roadshow.

The sudden fit of the vapours at the idea of playing under an advertising banner is even more curious since Jello was kicked out of the band for turning down an offer from Levis flat...


New Member
cheers ox.

I was reading somewhere recently, think it was about The Doors, that the drummer didn't want their music to be used in adverts so the band missed out on $20m....:icon_eek:

Ox Fox

New Member
MKFox said:
cheers ox.

I was reading somewhere recently, think it was about The Doors, that the drummer didn't want their music to be used in adverts so the band missed out on $20m....:icon_eek:

My favourite DK related story (infact my only DK story) is that when Jello moved house once he didn't shut the doors on the back of the truck properly. After an hour or two he stopped for a break, only then did he notice the trail of records from his very large collection going all the way back down the Californian highway. :088:
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