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David Gwilliam

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Recently I responded to prompting on the computer and downloaded Windows 10 into my laptop that had previously used Windows 8.1 This has led to a problem.

I have a collection of tens of thousands of photographs on architectural history which are my pride and joy. They are about equally divided between JPEG and Bitmap. These opened in Windows Photo Viewer which I was very pleased with. Since switching to Windows 10 the Bitmap; photographs open in Photo which I find irritating while the JPEG continue happily to open in Windows Photo Viewer.

I have gone to Settings System Default Apps where it tells me that my Default Photo Viewer is Windows Photo Viewer but sadly BMP seems to just ignore this.

What I need is to find a way of automatically opening Bitmap files in Windows Photo Viewer. I can solve the problem by editing the BMP files in Paint one at a time and saving it as JPEG. However, the sheer quantity of photographs makes this impractical.

Help would be appreciated.


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Right click a .bmp file and choose 'open with' select Windows Photo Viewer and check the box to always use this program.
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