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David Gwilliam

Well-Known Member
So Dracula has finished. This was the most horrific Dracula so far. The script was often excellent. At times the direction was superb. As with Sherlock from the same team I felt it sometimes put cleverness over coherence.
I preferred Claes Bang to Jack Palance or Gary Oldman as Dracula. For me Christopher Lee was a better Dracula. There was nothing aristocratic about this Count who reminded me of Alan Sugar The idea of Van Helsing being a nun worked brilliantly and she had most of the best lines.
The Brides of Dracula always seemed to me the best reason to visit the castle. In the Gary Oldman version the brides were superb. This castle had one very dreary bride.
Only a lover of medieval architecture would watch it for the castle and this was disappointing. The Christopher Lee castle was in Byzantine Gothic and was superb. This castle was never shown as having any style at all.
Finally there was a 2013 mini series of Dracula which I thoroughly enjoyed and recommend.
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