Points Tracker 2019/20


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i think we'll get 72-75 points and come under pressure but still finish in the top 3. Our squad size may well become an issue which is why i think our points per game will drop a bit in the second half of the season even though we don't have to play Liverpool again and we have the traditionally tougher fixtures at home such as Man Utd, Chelsea, Man City

Next 4 league games we have 3 winnable home games and a winnable away game. 5 of our next 7 games (including cup) are at home which is a great run of fixtures to break the back of the season.
Southampton (home), Burnley (away), West Ham (home), Chelsea (home).
3 wins out of our next 4 premier league fixtures and we'll be on 54 points after 25 games. Even abject relegation form (1 point per game) from then on will see us with enough points to get into the Top 4 based on averages (68 for 4th position). Anything above relegation form and we'd be top 3....

I think we'll lose to Man City in the League Cup Final, although i secretly hope we get Man Utd and Vardy tears Maguire a new a-hole at Wembley.
I don't think we'll get too far in the FA Cup as we've got a lot to focus on already for the size of squad we've got.
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Premier League

P Pld Pts
Liverpool 35  93
Manchester City 35  72
Chelsea 35  60
Leicester 35  59
Manchester Utd 35  59
Wolves 35  55
Sheffield Utd 35  54
Tottenham  35  52
Arsenal 35  50
10 Burnley 35  50
11 Everton 35  45
12 Southampton 35  45
13 Newcastle Utd 35  43
14 Palace 35  42
15 Brighton 35  36
16 West Ham Utd 35  34
17 Watford 35  34
18 Bournemouth 35  31
19 Aston Villa 35  30
20 Norwich City 35  21