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Jun 4, 2003
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    1. kanefire166
      bit like talking balls lol
    2. foxychik
      Thanks for 'getting' what I was on about :icon_wink
    3. tedfoxxx
      Yeah talking to the course leader later.

      Not really thinking straight to be honest, some shit kicked off with a flatmate and right now studying is the last thing on my mind.
    4. alex
      Just saw the titty link you left. Wow...
    5. Hammond (Ankle)
    6. alex
      Well......depends how you want to do it really. We have been fairly pro, so have registered the LTD company at Compaies House, got the MCPS involved, started a publishing company also...But not all Indie's are this way. You thinking about it?
    7. spionfox
      Thanks for the inspiration for my current sig :icon_bigg
    8. ch4mbo
      Not too bad thanks, it's a little bit tough going but who or what industry isn't. luckily I have the football coaching to keep me sane...err. No seriously I love the coaching and it earns a few beer tokens and my little car brokerage is starting to take off as I've got a few referrals to be getting on with, so here's hoping to seeing out all this doom and gloom preached on the tv and Radio. Thanks for asking!
    9. Hector
      Hi Steven,
      No, that picture is not me.
    10. The Major
      The Major
      It's meant to be 'eyes water'.(:
    11. Steven
      If someone unpopular was installed I would give them my support. Just like everyone should do.

      If they don't get the results, I will continue to show my encouragement hoping they will turn things round.

      What I won't stand for is a lazy bunch of feckwits, tuning up each week to get paid and nothing else.

      What I won't stand for is a manager without motivational or tactical skills
    12. FantasyFox
      It's going to break his heart when he finds out I'm saving myself for you! :)
    13. Singth
      Hours I think. At the moment we are viewing that as our gateway to Europe and nothing more. I really want to tour Europe too but at the moment our budget means that the sooner we get to Moscow the better. Have you been to Brussels before Steven?
    14. pipes
      Indeed, although you wouldn't know it from my post count..
      I'm studying English, Politics and Italian at Leicester uni, one more year to go...
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    Yes I sponsored Junior Lewis. :eek: Stop the whining. :icon_razz :icon_lol::icon_roll :bang: