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The Ashes

Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by Joe_Fox, Dec 6, 2017.

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  1. Joe_Fox

    Joe_Fox Well-Known Member

    Anyone watching? Great second test so far.
  2. fox58

    fox58 Well-Known Member

    Kiss of death
  3. Ike O'Noclassed

    Ike O'Noclassed Well-Known Member

    Competitive for a couple of hours, capitulate in a couple of overs. Test cricket just isn't what it was, England handing out tannings to tourists when they're at home and being thrashed when they go overseas (this winter won't be quite as bad as India was last year) gets a bit tedious after a while.
  4. Joe_Fox

    Joe_Fox Well-Known Member

    Was at the MCG yesterday. Have to say the barmy army atmosphere is tremendous! Twas like a football match.

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