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lincsfox 2/6

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BTW, im new. I often read the posts on here, and now i have finally decided to register :!:



Today I have ordered my season ticket. I am moving from the Kop to L block. I have managed to get back row seats because some people did now renew :!: :!: :!: (There are still two left apparently on the back)

Is anyone else moving to L1 :?:

That was my second point, and the third one is a question to anybody that knows (it may seem a bit random).

Does anyone know how many Leicester fans travelled when we played Red Star Belgrade in Europe a few years back :?:


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welcome aboard skip!
8200 was the full attendance for the rsb game, although it was played in vienna due to 'big boned' Gerry's love of architecture, ballet and fook off big cakes.
reckon.... 1000 ish? but pure guess! :wink:


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i'd go along with 1000ish.

as for L1...there are lots moving over from the Kop.

so should be interesting next season then.
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Premier League

P Pld Pts
Leicester  9
Liverpool  9
Everton  9
Aston Villa  6
Arsenal  6
Palace  6
Leeds Utd  6
Tottenham   4
Chelsea  4
10 Newcastle Utd  4
11 West Ham Utd  3
12 Brighton  3
13 Manchester City  3
14 Manchester Utd  3
15 Southampton  3
16 Wolves  3
17 West Brom  1
18 Burnley  0
19 Sheffield Utd  0
20 Fulham  0