Aron Mokoena

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gary parker

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"Norwich will challenge Leicester for the signature of Belgian outfit Ghenk's South African centre-back Aron Mokoena."

Hello, long time viewer, first time poster.

Wonder who this mokoena is, might be a decent partner for heath.
gary parker said:
Hello, long time viewer, first time poster.
welcome gary! still look like a gypo? :wink:
Had a shave yet? I don't remember you scoring so it must be about 2 foot long now. Welcome
Hi Gary, welcome.

Mokoena!!! Who Are Ya!!!

Seems like a Genk reject, more likely do a job in Div One Now, I mean the Championship :wink:
if norwich also want him he'll prbz go there, dont kno much about him can anyone get any info on him?
thankk for dat nottinghma fox, but it says he's contracted till 2006 does dat mean we'll have to pay a fee? and how much? i cant see us affording more then 500 k
Nottingham Fox said:
He's only 23, and he's got 2 years left on his contract.

If anyone can understand belgium lingo then click below where you can read all about him.

Naam: -> Name: Aaron Mokoena
Rugnummer: -> literally back number so shirt number: 5
Geboortedatum: -> Birthday: 25 november 1980
Geboorteplaats: -> Place of Birth: Johannesburg
Geboorteland: -> Land of Birth: Zuid Afrika -> South Africa
Nationaliteit: -> Nationality: Zuid Afrika -> South African
Burgerlijke stand: -> Marital Status: Ongehuwd -> Single
Naam partner: -> Wife or Partner's Name
Kinderen: -> Children
Lengte: -> Height: 1 m 87
Gewicht: -> Weight: 79 kg
Positie: -> Position: Verdediging (Centraal) -> Central Defence
Vorige Clubs: -> Previous Clubs: Germinal Beerschot
Contract: Sinds: -> Since literally though we would say From: 30 juni 2003 Tot: - To in the sense of until: 30 juni 2006 Juni is June :wink:
you cunning linguist Steven!
i think he would be a good signing a young centre back, pehaps a replacent for dabizaz/elliot


a very young but talented back four I.M.O.

but perhaps a experinced defender lik dabizaz is needed?
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