Aron Mokoena

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gary parker

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"Norwich will challenge Leicester for the signature of Belgian outfit Ghenk's South African centre-back Aron Mokoena."

Hello, long time viewer, first time poster.

Wonder who this mokoena is, might be a decent partner for heath.


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Had a shave yet? I don't remember you scoring so it must be about 2 foot long now. Welcome


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Hi Gary, welcome.

Mokoena!!! Who Are Ya!!!

Seems like a Genk reject, more likely do a job in Div One Now, I mean the Championship :wink:


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thankk for dat nottinghma fox, but it says he's contracted till 2006 does dat mean we'll have to pay a fee? and how much? i cant see us affording more then 500 k


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Nottingham Fox said:
He's only 23, and he's got 2 years left on his contract.

If anyone can understand belgium lingo then click below where you can read all about him.
Naam: -> Name: Aaron Mokoena
Rugnummer: -> literally back number so shirt number: 5
Geboortedatum: -> Birthday: 25 november 1980
Geboorteplaats: -> Place of Birth: Johannesburg
Geboorteland: -> Land of Birth: Zuid Afrika -> South Africa
Nationaliteit: -> Nationality: Zuid Afrika -> South African
Burgerlijke stand: -> Marital Status: Ongehuwd -> Single
Naam partner: -> Wife or Partner's Name
Kinderen: -> Children
Lengte: -> Height: 1 m 87
Gewicht: -> Weight: 79 kg
Positie: -> Position: Verdediging (Centraal) -> Central Defence
Vorige Clubs: -> Previous Clubs: Germinal Beerschot
Contract: Sinds: -> Since literally though we would say From: 30 juni 2003 Tot: - To in the sense of until: 30 juni 2006 Juni is June :wink:


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i think he would be a good signing a young centre back, pehaps a replacent for dabizaz/elliot


a very young but talented back four I.M.O.

but perhaps a experinced defender lik dabizaz is needed?
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