Beer & Burberry

Do You Drink Or Wear Burberry?

  • I have a beer before games

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  • I dont have a beer before games, just wear burberry!

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Just sat in my computing lesson at school and thougt to myself
'I bet ive met alot of you guys and dont know it!'

Just wanted to do a little poll and posting thread asking where you drink abd if you wear any burberry. :)

If you do have a beer before the games, post a little message where, and if you have any pubs to recommend let me know. Im 17 by the way. :p

Thanks alot.

P.S I drink in the 'Local Hero'
P.P.S Dont know how burberry came into this, just thought id find out if you all wear it! Lol.
Not a fan of the Burberry, where I come from there's a group of scrotes who call themselves 'The Burberry Massive' and walk about holding their gooch and sporting loads of fake Burberry stuff, well done lads!!!

I do own a fake burberry scarf though, Dad bought me not overly keen, don't wanna join the gang or anything.

I drink in either The Quay or Hogan's when it's re-opened.
Beer's a must before games !

have to watch it though with driving to and from Manchester every match....

Local Hero more recently (meet with brothers / mates) but prefer the Sir Robert Peel or The Firkin pub...
Beer - obviously
Burberry - a fake Burberry cap, yes. nothing like first impressions, and a football shirt, jeans, classics and burberry cap do just that! :)
Yeah, just what i though, 100% of answers so far, all admit to drinking before games. :) Its good news. Keep teplys coming in, i want to see at6 least 50 replys to this one. Anyone up for a meeting one day? I can make a leicester images page or some shit, whre all you geezers can add your faces?! What you reckon?
Beer. Never queer. Beer. Sing song in the 'Turnstile'? Would not miss it for the world!
Firstly, congratulations malf, you have reached your 700th post. Just like to congratulate you for being a sad, boring twat. :p Nah, only joking mate, send the pic to me yea?, thanks alot mate. :) Anymore?!
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3Preston 1020
5West Brom1016
6Leeds Utd1016
7Norwich City1016
8Cardiff City1016
9Hull City1016
11Bristol City1015
13Coventry City1014
15Swansea City1012
16Plymouth 1011
18Stoke City1010
20Blackburn 1010
23Rotherham Utd105
24Sheffield W102

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