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Confirmed Transfer Benalouane to Forest

Blue Maniac

Alzheimers sufferer
Loon. Kind of hope he gets them promoted, partly so we have at least one local opponent in the league, but mostly because I wish him success for being a genuinely nice weirdo.


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Well, today is the day of memories for me, going back couple of years and i can clearly see a luggage landing at Leicester city.
Like a luggage of a baby taking his amazing first flight, full of energies, passions and excited to be part of the best premier league club.
During my first flight to UK, i started to think at my personal objectives which included not only football achievements but also personal life with the aim
to find the way to feel me real at home at my new destination.
Today, i can definitely say that all my dreams have been overachieved by the reality.
Fantastic supporters, awesome teammates, inspiring presidents, a vibrat city always ready to show a big love for his team players are the best things i will always have with me, my memories, my heart when i will see the name of “Leicester”!
I should mention tons of people which include the Leicester employees, coaches, supporters, friends so please excuse me if i cannot mention personally all of you in a message but right now i see in my mind all of you guys!
All this people have been able to win a Premier league being for ever in the story of football, the people gave me the chance to play with this great Jersey in the Champions League, gave me the right visibility to join my national team for the World Cup!
I will never forget you as well, #boss Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha our father forever!
Great to know that my new experience is so close to Leicester as of course i will always be a supporter of this team which is a family for me!Thank you very much to all❤❤❤❤!!!! My heart will be always with you!!!! @lcfc
Time now for a new chapter of my life, full of energies and looking forward to start my new adventure! #yb29pablopicasso
Bless him. Comes across as a smashing bunch of lads.

Rock Fox

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Wel,l we got Wes from NF - maybe its time to return the favour with a another defender. Who knows, under MON he may do well - good luck to him !


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Wel,l we got Wes from NF - maybe its time to return the favour with a another defender. Who knows, under MON he may do well - good luck to him !
We turned Wes from a tub of lard to a Premier league winner.
We're giving them a Premier league winner.
What will they turn him into? :)


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Wouldn't be surprised if it was Wes that recommend the move, to both parties.

People do like to go completely over the top these days, he's clearly not ****ing dreadful


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He played Chpions League QTF football for us and was fine.

There is a pattern emerging with many of the players we signed and dumped
I could give you a list of players as long as my arm that have played in the QF of the CL and are still average at best. It means nothing at all. He was rubbish for the most part while he was here and successive managers have agreed that he is nowhere near good enough. We are back to romancing about players that are just not that great - There isn't a 'pattern', some go on to do okay, others find their way in the lower leagues and some have success because of the different playing styles of their new club.

Slimani has been gash everywhere, Musa could only get a gig in Saudi Arabia, Kramaric is doing okay but not really setting the world alight, I am sure Iborra won't suddenly be wonderful.... there really isn't a pattern of much to report.
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