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Brazil or Jamaica?

Who will you be supporting this Sunday?

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Alot of people are going to the game between Brazil & Jamaica but won't the atmosphere be a bit strange? i mean who will be singing what songs? i mean we cant exactly sing Leicester songs can we? :lol:

is the ground divided between brazil and jamaica? does anyone know what time the coaches bringing the players to the stadium arrives? because id love to get some autographs....i think its gonna be a brilliant game, although alot of the stars will play only 45 minutes....however its once in a lifetime you get to see the brazilians!!!!


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Jamaica, for the obvious reason of Mad Frank playing! :D

It's a shame Benji aint playing - I would have liked to have seen him give Cafu a run for his money on the left wing!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
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