Can We Stay Up?

Can We Stay Up?

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Im not sure..i really hope we can..but im not sure we will or even if we deserve it. There needs to be a huge turn around at the club. A win against villa would be nice, but im not sure it will be too important. if we fold against blackburn, then im afraid its going to be the true "great escape". Confidence around the club must be down, we are lacking leadership, inspiration and a defence!!


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What beat Blackburn at home (Possible)
and Beat Man City away (Never)
then Charlton at home, again possible i suppose

Redditch Fox

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One thing this forum is not very strong on is realism.

A business decision was taken( & probably was the only option available) not to try to strengthen the squad by bringing in quality players. Given the assessments of our chances, it would have been almost impossible to
achieve these signings anyway.

All that has happened is that other manager's judgements have been proved right - e.g. Gillespie, Howey, Curtis - as for others e.g. Ferdinand - yes they will perform - on those occasions when they are as fit as is possible for them to be now.

It was pretty clear towards the end of last season that MA did not fancy the job here this season. What a surprise for an ambitious manager in any walk of life -you try to quit when you are ahead.

The real issue is where we go from here. This is a one season side - the Webmaster recently mentioned Jock Wallace's relegation side - this team looks to me to be on a similar basis to the McLintock side -full of ageing players seeing out their last reasonably lucrative contracts.

I don't think the young players are good enough to throw into a losing side & it wouldn't do anyone any good.

Let's just hope that things won't get even more embarrassing & even for a footballing miracle - like 10 more home wins. But more likely it's a question of financial planning for next season - with or without MA.


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Do we think MA would be wanted anywhere else if we go straight down? If not then he can't walk out of a three year contract. I don't think he'd prefer to go back to Brighton, I was hoping he'd be our Curbishley. It took him a while to get it right, now look at Charlton.


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Redditch Fox said:
This is a one season side

Yes to a certain degree it is. Gillespie, Curtis, Thatcher are young enough but should have something to prove after being discarded. Howey, Ferdinand and those that resigned are way past thier prime but I think MA thought thier experience would count! However it doesn't seem to be helping much at the moment!
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