Championship 23/24

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I think you might have checked the wrong club; Sheffield Wednesday were relegated to Division Three for the first time ever in 1975 and were promoted back to Two in 1980. They wouldn’t be back in the third tier until 2003.
I think GUAW was saying they were out of the top division for that long, rather than them being in the third tier all that time.
I was confused by this sentence:
It was actually 13 years not 15. Sorry. 2nd & 3rd division between 1971 & 1984.

My first 5 seasons as a football fan saw them as a 3rd div side. 5 years is an eternity when you're that age, hence me always associating them with being a low level club.

I remember being massively confused at the time as to why such a crap team had such a huge ground.

To my young mind, it was Sheff Utd who were the bigger club due to them being in the 1st division & playing against City at the time. Historically of course, the opposite is true.
I saw someone on their forum saying this was happening before the game today.
It can see how their board would think it not helpful to make a new manager's first match against us. He came close to getting a draw though, and what then?
We are 14 games in and averaging a point per game more than the team in third.

Maresca has done an absolutely unbelievable job. I do not think anyone on this forum would have believed we could be 14 points clear of even the playoffs 30% of the way through the season. Ludicrous.
It is certainly a thing of unbelievable beauty, with the potential to extend the gap even further in a few days time .
The home fans seem pretty restless at Cov right now. Currently trailing 1-0 thanks to a goalkeeping howler.....
Second goal looked blatantly offside.

‘The Thai businessman said: "If 20,000 people gave £100 then it's £2m, and it'd be clear - so we can finish it.’

:icon lol: :icon lol: :icon lol:
They’ve probably spent over £2m getting rid of Moore and Munoz in recent months.
Is he setting up a Gofundme, as not seen it locally if he has. The fans came out of their hovels to celebrate their win over Toytown as they call Rovrum, but will be heading back to hide again with the Thailand nutters latest idea.
Milan knew which Thai businessman was the best thank goodness
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P Pld Pts
3Leeds Utd1835
5West Brom1832
6Hull City1830
7Blackburn 1828
8Preston 1828
9Cardiff City1827
12Bristol City1825
14Norwich City1823
15Coventry City1822
17Stoke City1821
18Swansea City1820
20Plymouth 1819
23Rotherham Utd1812
24Sheffield W187

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