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Would you use a separate CM4 forum?

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  • What is CM4?

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  • It's what someone from Poland is called, idiot.

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Ricey said:
Would be good but I'm not a fan of splitting things up, I'd sooner have everything in one place.

I think it depends how much people are going to use it.

For the amount of people talking about CM stuff at the moment it's fine as it is.

But if people came here just to post about CM stuff, or people wanted to talk about it much more than is happening now, it would annoy people who just want to see LCFC stuff, and the people who come for the CM chat would be annoyed by the LCFC stuff. So in that scenario it would obviously be better to split the forum up.


New Member
Yeah make a CM Forum

Tom W

New Member
I'll do my best to keep the guys who are interested informed on whats going on with the new game etc., within reason obviously - don't want to lose this job, it's pretty much perfect for me right now. It's either this or work in Morrisons for less money, I know which I'd prefer ;)


New Member
I think it is fine ATM - But if CM talk does significantly increase, then it would be a wise idea.

For people who don't know/hate Cm, it's not fair to lump it on this forum - But we'll see...........

City Fan

Well-Known Member
I think you should have it as a seperate category.

(leicester city, general, for sale, support, junk)

How about a seperate section for cm4?

Forgive me if thats what you already mean!


New Member
They are employing testers at the moment so I presume they will release one after the transfer window.


New Member
You will have to watch out for Ricey though, he's a bit volatile! :lol: :wink:

As for myself, I always express considerate, unbiaed views when it comes to Leicester City. :lol:


New Member
I have 500gb of spare hosting, so if you need a forum hosting ill do it. And you guys can run it? I dont mind, just offering my help. :) cant wait to see bent in action tonight. Hope to see some people there, im the rude boy in burberry clothes! :p

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