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Current favorite song

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Post in here any song you are currently loving.

It has to be 'Nirvana - Very Ape' for me at the moment, it was always just a album track before but for some reason I can't get enough of it at the moment.


Sound - by James (Disk 2 Track 6)

Live version on the Getting Away with It - farewell tour.

It's a Journey...

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At the minute, I am lovin':

THE DARKNESS: Love is only a feeling


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My favourite song at the moment is
'In the shadows' can't remember who sings it though :roll:


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Fave current stuf:

Graham Coxon - Freakin Out (7" only)

I shouldn't like but love:
The Streets - 'Really Fit' (or whatever it's called)



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best songs eva

da best songs out right know have gotta be....kanya west - through the wire.....twista - slow jams..... Eamon - **** it (dnt wnt u bck)...(even tho its old) 2pac - changes....jamelia - thank you... i know dey are all :cry: songs...but dey all have a great meaning to them...and dey are great... KANYA WEST IS FIT..... plz email me at minx_491@hotmail.com.....if u have anything to say bout these somgs....big up kanya west...twista...eamon...2pac(specially 2pac)...& jamelia....


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I reckon the best song around at the moment is Keane's Somewhere only we know. It's good because they don't bother with a guitar which makes them quirky and interesting. Don't get me wrong, I love guitars (I have 5 of the beasts), but to get an indie song in the charts with no guitar is rare so hats off to Keane.
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