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When is lee morris actually going to make his full debut for city is he still injured and will he be any good in div1 next season?
I heard a rumour he had strained his thigh doing star jumps in training is this correct?

PS Being at a club so long without making your debut must be some sort of record for Mr Morris any statto's out there?
Hopefully he will be ready for next season, he'll be cracking in division One. It was disappointing that he couldn't help us stay up but never mind.
SamuearlJackson said:
goalkeeper's often don't make a full first team debut for a while after signing. think zeljko kalac here :)


But Morris is a striker. :wink:
SamuearlJackson said:
Joe_Fox said:
But Morris is a striker. :wink:

But I was responding to the question about people joining and not playing for ages :)

But I did wink mate.
I guess the lad will be an important player in the new season. Also it really depends on whether he's fit. Hopefully he is.
he broke a toe nail when kicking the ball... :roll:

So far no impressed, 'injured on his first day of training..'

When I spoke to a derby fan and they said "He's always injured" I thought they were winding me up, they seem to be right so far!
Well, at least he has over the summer to recover, and hopefully get a good pre-season behind him. If he is fit, he could be an extremely useful player for us. Alot of people on here have slagged him off, but it's not his fault he's injured.
His signing has baffled me more than anyone over the past few years. Why, why why ?

At least he's under 30
We actually have a player on our books that has alot of potential if it wasn't for his injuries, I think if he can overcome these then we have got a quality player on our hands. I would like to see him upfront or in the hole behind the strikers, if we play him on the wing then we must have an out an out winger on the right as Morris will have licence to roam. His pace is frightening, that goal he scored against Stoke I think for Derby was unbelievable, i've never seen a ball hit so hard in my life.

Get well soon Lee and Canero, your our future. Keep The Faith
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