Pre Match Everton v Leicester

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Tielemans looked knackered to me. I'll be surprised if he has a full game in him Weds. Maddison doubtful so maybe Praet gets another run, I hope so, I like Praet, I reckon he's a class act. I love the way he uses the ball, shapes his body around it to give himself space. Hamza has bundles of energy but it needs channelling sometimes, he'll learn. Mendy's useful to have, industrious without being shiny. I see why he's called a tick over player.

I like Perez too. Clever player, you can sometimes miss what he does. I like what he brings to the team. For me, on paper anyway, he and Nacho ought work.

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Tielemans always looks tired
Indeed. As does (as an aside and no other comparison intended) Kevin de Bruyne. Maybe it's something they don't put in the water, or do, whatever.

That as it may be, even within that usual context, my feeling was that Youri was walking pace towards the end. Will he ever be good for a full 90?


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I think he will go for the same team that started the FA Cup game. The first half was, going well, so no need to radically change from that.

I would like to see us switch to 3-5-2 if things aren't working though.

Tielemans (if Maddison is out) freed up behind Nacho and Vardy, with Praet and Ndidi in midfield and Chilwell and Albrighton wide.

camberwell fox

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Buy Barnes some new boots.

Buy Tielemans a yard.

Buy Vardy a touch.

Buy Gray a plane ticket.

Buy the spectators masks that cover their eyes.


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We'll shit 'em. Can't do much worse than against Brighton with this lot.
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