Five songs im playing all the time at the minute are-

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Although pretty old some of em these are the 5 i just keep in my Cd player all the time-

The Verve-Sonnett
The Stone Roses-Waterfall
Nirvana-Man Who sold the world
The Who-Who are you?
Led Zeppelin-Immigrant song.

Wot are yours?


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The Charlatans - Bona Fide Treasure (New album - v.good, off to see them on Thursday in Manchester)

Kaiser Chiefs - Oh My God
(Single of the week in NME a fortnight ago)

Clash - Rudie Can't Fail

Leonard Cohen - The Future

The Kills - Cat Claw


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The Street's- Fit but don't you know it

Franz Ferdinand- Darkness of the matainee (sp)

Darude- Sandstorm

Meatloaf- Bat out of hell

Usher- Yeah


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track 3 from scissor sisters (ta scarby!)
stranger on the shore - acker bilk
born to run - frankie goes to hollywood version
our lips are sealed - fun boy 3
mack the knife - rw at the mo


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The Killers - Mr Brightside
Taking Back Sunday - Cute without the "E"
Taking Back Sunday - Your Own Disaster
Finch - Letters To You
Britney Spears - Everything :oops: (Personal Reasons :wink: )


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Anonymous said:
The Killers - Mr Brightside
Taking Back Sunday - Cute without the "E"
Taking Back Sunday - Your Own Disaster
Finch - Letters To You
Britney Spears - Everything :oops: (Personal Reasons :wink: )
Funnily enough... mine are exactly the same :lol: :roll: :wink:


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i just have my best of oasis cd playing all the time at work.
it has
stand bye me
some might say
f**in in th bushes
go let it out
dont look back in anger
fade away
live forever
dont go away
champagne supernova
rokin chair

im also listing to the forst embrace album and a bit of jeff buckly before i feel to depressed and have to turn it off


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Keane - Can't Stop Now

Streets - Dry Your Eyes

Killers - Mr Brightside

Rat Pack - Sweet Harmony

BloodHound Gang - Balled of Chasey Lane


The Killers - Mr Brightside

My Chemical Romance - Thanks for the Venom

From First to Last - Ride The Wings Of Pestilence

Taking Back Sunday - A Decade Under The Influence

Northstar - Two Zero Two


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The next 5 songs on my Comnputers playlist thing are....

Massive Attack- Protection
The Beatles- Strawberry Fields Forever
Flaming Lips- She Don't use Jelly
Rage Against The Machine- Sleep Now In The Fire
Tool- Schism


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Radiohead - Lucky

Radiohead - Exit Music (For a Film)

Muse - Butterflies and Hurricanes

Muse - Thoughts of a Dying Atheist

Soundtrack of our Lives - Firmanent Vacation


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Got a new five now-

Steelers Wheel-Stuck in the middle
Blur-Out of time
Led Zeppelin-Kashmir
The La's-There she goes
Al Green-Love and Happiness

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5 songs I keep listening to currently...........

1) Ozone - Mai Ia Hii
2) The Rasmus - In the shadows
3) Franz Ferdinand - Jacqueline
4) Scissor Sisters - Laura
5) Lost Prophets - Make a Move
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