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Forest Fox! To Live Or To Die?

Should Forest Fox Leave Us?

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New Member
So do you hate Forest Fox? Not surprised that the forest fans don't want him? Or do you feel we should live and let live?


New Member
If he was playing a hilarious gag on us, we'd have had the punchline by now

I just think he's a very disturbed individual...

ForestFox...how can anyone be called that? superb.. :lol:


New Member
Is he a siamese twin? Get rid of him, you are one or the other! Who gives a fcuk if Gareth Taylor is fit or not!!


New Member
It's obviously a piss take - It's probably Dork Wolf. He is a West Brom fan turned Wolves fan/Forest fan/Leicester fan
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Liverpool  18
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Leicester  11
West Ham Utd  11
Bournemouth  10
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Manchester Utd  8
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Sheffield Utd  8
10 Chelsea  8
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14 Southampton  7
15 Everton  7
16 Brighton  6
17 Norwich City  6
18 Newcastle Utd  5
19 Wolves  4
20 Watford  2