Fosse Gold Kit

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I know we can preorder the kit now, but when will we receive it?
Thanks for your help.


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Commemorative kit to celebrate nothing at all

Rip-off Britain starts right here you money grabbing scum

Don't buy it


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It's not even gold :roll:

i'd rather patent the t-shirt and give you all one of those to wear.


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Malf said:
alex said:
Ummm, :oops: I got one...

I'll get my (reversible) coat.
:lol: :lol:
Sometimes the things I do make the champ crawl back in if you know what i mean.....take this bloody shirt, I got an email about it, I bought it, bam, like that, what a nut case...then in a fit of guilt (not got much money) I bloody bought another one for my 9-month-old son....which is only £10 cheaper...

What a helmet shiner.


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the gold side is quite nasty but when you reverse it, its quite decent!! dont no if i should get one though? :?


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The Yellow/Gold/Peach kit is shite, dont buy it. I do like the reverse side though, thats quite smart.

A waste of money.


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rotherhamfox said:
webmaster said:
I still think my colour scheme is better.

Who you getting fashion tips off of, David Furnish?
Following huge demand on the internet today LCFC launched a 4th kit to Commemorate a month since they launched the last kit.

Staying with the design scheme as the previous kit, the salmon (one side) & radish + banana (on the reverse) is said by a club spokesman to be 'the healthy option' kit to appeal to all 'clean living' fans who know to stay healthy they have to pay for the best (£48.43 just for the shirt).

The kit has some nice finishing touches with the apple & bertie bassett socks, although his relative Harry denied having any input into the kit

Sponsors Walkers, McDonalds & Coca Cola are said to be 'concerned' at the developments.
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