Full Stats on Danny & Jason

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Craig said:
webmaster said:
Petrescu said:
www.foxestrust.com is thr proper url. If you go to the .co.uk version all it does is transfer you to the .com.
Does it matter? :roll:
Yes it does matter. The .co.uk version has been down several times in the past, so if you use that address it might appear that there's a problem with the site, when there isn't.
By using the 'wrong' address you're doubling the chance of the site not being available.
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Premier League

P Pld Pts
Everton  9
Leicester  6
Arsenal  6
Liverpool  6
Tottenham   6
Palace  6
Leeds Utd  6
Chelsea  4
Manchester City  3
10 Aston Villa  3
11 Brighton  3
12 Wolves  3
13 Manchester Utd  3
14 Newcastle Utd  3
15 Southampton  3
16 West Brom  1
17 Burnley  0
18 West Ham Utd  0
19 Fulham  0
20 Sheffield Utd  0