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Gay Forest Twats

What do you think the gay Forest twats on this forum should do?

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The Forest twats don't get the message!!!

Thanks for the 4 points last season...they were well appreciated...now you've done your job by getting beaten by WARNOCK'S MEN!!!!!!!! so maybe next year you can try getting beat by Mark Mghee boys!!

facts are we're in the premier...and your a whole division behind us....and the tables dont lie!!

so you can show off with your pictures of Micheal Dawson and Des Walker...but the fact is none of them will be playing PREMIERSHIP FOOTBALL next season!!!!

if it was the other way round and Forest Somehow got their way into the prem and Leicester were sittin in Div1 i wouldnt be going to Forest chat rooms slagging them off.......but then again that shows lack of ambition from the trees fans...o well......SOUR GRAPES
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Premier League

P Pld Pts
Liverpool  24
Manchester City  16
Arsenal  15
Leicester  14
Chelsea  14
Palace  14
Burnley  12
West Ham Utd  12
Tottenham   11
10 Bournemouth  11
11 Wolves  10
12 Manchester Utd  9
13 Sheffield Utd  9
14 Brighton  9
15 Aston Villa  8
16 Newcastle Utd  8
17 Southampton  7
18 Everton  7
19 Norwich City  6
20 Watford  3