Holland v's Czech Rep...

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What a game! Maybe the best game I've seen in my life (excluding some City ones ;))

3-2 to the Czechs now after Holland were 2-0 up in the first half.

the woodwork's been hit a few times, a sending off for the Dutch..

What a match!!

Easily the best match in this tournament so far, if there is a better one than this in the remainder of Euro 2004 it'll be amazing!

full time 3-2.



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It looks like either Germany or Holland will be going out then, aswell as either Spain/Portugal, and possibly Italy.


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the czechs were amazing to watch. i hope they win it if england don't.

this was the perfect game of football


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I only saw the first twenty mins of it whilst I was getting ready to go out, I though the Dutch were going to nail them, how wrong was i!! The Czechs are good but I fancy us to turn them over, our defence would snuff them out and with Rooney a legend and Owen so close to turning this tournament on it's head we would obliterate them.

Czech Republic my arse, In-Ger-Land
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