How did the players do?

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Just wondered if anyone went to the game against Bengal, any chance we could have the low down on the performances of the players involved, because i've been away and wondered how things were looking.


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This is what I posted on another forum (so people who read it there don't accuse me of stealing/go to the trouble of reading it again).

Pressman - not going to be forcing Walker out of the No. 1 spot by any stretch of the imagination, several of his goal kicks went straight out or hit East Bengal players, he was lucky not to conceded a penalty when he ran into and fell on top of a Bengal player (ok, he probably didn't fall on top of him, but it amuses me to think he did...).

Canero - still as impressive as I remember, great going forward and did well linking up with Gillespie. Didn't have much to do defensively.

Dabizas - MOTM, don't know how he does it with only one week of training, but he was by far the best player on the pitch. Won every ball in the air, got forward well.

Stearman - can certainly see why everyone likes this boy, easily as good or better than Heath in most areas. Needs a bit more time to develop I think, but should be pushing on the first team next season (and appearing a few times this season!). Though he did provide the comedy moment of the day when trying to get forward and away from defenders he spun around a few times and fell over.

Powell - impressed me really, got forward well and always seemed to be in space to pass to, like Canero he didn't have much to do defensively.

Gillespie - I'm not sure. On the one hand he shouted a lot, got the ball a lot, made some good crosses and some good runs... but doesn't seem to know when to pass it, he's greedy on the ball... Possibly just a sign that he's desperate to be in the first team. Had a fantastic shot though.

Gemmill - Yep Micky, sign him up. Surprised to be saying that but he played well, won the ball, distributed well and will do a good job for us this year.

Gudjonsson - His first touch sent the ball out of play, the second time he went for it he missed the ball completely... but he improved and got stuck in. He'll certainly become well loved by the fans if a few more of his 25-yard shots go on target. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt because he only signed a couple of days ago and will have hardly had a chance to get used to the players around him... and we don't know how fit he is... there was certainly potential there.

Benjamin - I always feel the need to say 'aw, bless' when I watch Benji play, because he tries but hardly gets anywhere. Won some balls in the air, did well with the penalty, and was active most of the time... However as usual he fell over a lot, lost the ball a lot, and missed a fair few chances. Had one of those great Trev moments when he went up for a ball and hadn't decided whether to use his head or foot (see OS for a picture).

Morris - Was promising at the start, helping out on the wing and trying for a goal but he slowly faded from view and didn't make himself noticed, I forgot he was playing and thought he must have been subbed or something until he finally made himself known by missing a great chance half-way through the second half.

Wright - He tried but nothing seemed to be happening for him, headed over the bar, got frustrated. Has a bit of an anger problem I think, kept shoving players in the back when the ref wasn't looking and the ball was at the other end of the pitch, but it was only a friendly... I know he's supposed to be our next great striker but I didn't see anything fantastic from him today.

Not going to do all the subs because honestly they didn't make much of an impression (on me), other that Dawson who I thought was a nice quick player, very niggly.

highland fox

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Pressman fell on top of someone....and the guy lived to fight another day?
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