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If Stewart is not your cup of tea for the left wing........

Who should play on the left wing?

  • Hignett

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Rogers

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Brooker

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  • No one - Same as the Boro game

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  • Total voters
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New Member
Carrying on from the previous poll, Who should we play on the left wing if you think Steart is not the answer.

I still think Stewart should play there - He's the only proper left winger we have.

He may trip over his feet and run like a headless chicken, but he still causes chaos for the opposition right back with his pace and unpredictability.


New Member
Definately reckon Stewart should play on the left wing because not only does he give us pace and a decent player on the left wing Also last season he also made darting runs through the middle and came clopse to scoring many times as well as not being afraid to take a shot from outsidE the box which he can score from. If he can do that in the Pem then were laughin :D


Active Member
hmmmm.... this is a difficult one. I don't know who i would pick but i think Micky will go for rodgers (when callum is fit) or scowcroft who Micky always trys to include.


New Member
Brooker-Young,Played well preseason Friendlies,Hasn't played yet,Seemed good when he came on against Barca


New Member
definately not stewart going by his recent form. He has been abysmal for the reserves and when he's come on as a sub for the 1st team he's not done too much better. I'd stick with scowie for the moment.


New Member
You cant judge Stewart on what hes done in the reserves. When hes in the reserves he has little motivation to make him play to his full potential. give him a chance in the first team against any weak defence and he will easily bamboozel.

Hes one of our most prized assets and if he gets playing first team football in the prem the intrest in him an will rise and should the worst possible scenario happened where we got relegated we would have money of the young lad from prem clubs.



New Member
deffo go for jordo.
i dont think we have any1 player who is so dangerous running at the full back when their on form. he has bags of potential..........if he can focus and keep his head screwed on. i like the way he cuts inside from the left and really goes for goal.....sometimes!!!
Although i would like to see brooker get a go prob as sub he's gotta be worth a look.


New Member
If we play him he will be good for the side because we will have more balance and he offers quite alot defencively in comparison to others aswell. I don't think he will go on a bosman becaue he will soon realise than no one is willing to offer him anymore than we are. In fact I would say we would be willing to offer him more than any other club. Lets face it lads, he is roar potential and we don't even know whether he is going to be good enough to be a Leicester first team player yet, so why would another club gamble and offer him a big long contract with big wages ,when there is not guarentee of a return.
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