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If you were to lose today AND next week

Keep the faith even if you lose today and next week?

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NO... I think i've lost the faith already Dorky. At least your lot are showing some fight and I have to say on current effort you guys deserve to stay up alot more than we do... I've given up today as a loss, would love to be wrong but I can't see it. As for next week I think we are good enough to beat Wolves but we could just as equally lose... Whatever happens I think we're down already...


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Londonfox, I felt exactly the same way (as you and many other Leicester fans must be feeling) after we lost to Leeds, but have always felt that it will go to the last 2 games of the season, so providing you can win today anythings possible. Nerves and bottle will come into play in the end my good friend. Believe! :wink:


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Billy Boy said:
Nice hypothetical qustion there dorky. Trouble is I can't see us losing next week. :lol:
And I can't see us getting beat either. :lol: :wink: Looks like it's going to be a draw then. :(

When do you play Portsmouth again BB?

Billy Boy

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Penultimate game Dorky. I think you'll find it's common knowledge as the FA don't keep these things secret. :wink:


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If we go down this year it will be because we have had the least amount fo money to spend on the poorest squad.
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