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Inside info

How much inside info do you I (marcus Bent) know

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"Marcus", why don't you just tell everyone who you are?

Or would you get into trouble for doing that?

I know more about "Marcus" than he realises, it's amazing what you can find out about people on the web.
I'm pretty sure he has lots of good contacts at the club, but I'm not going to reveal anything that he doesn't want people to know.


lcfcfox said:
I knew it, he's the bloke that opens the barriers isn't he?
The barrier bloke wasn't there when I went to get my Barca tickets yesterday. I've never thought of asking him if he has any inside info!


New Member
Well that confirms it then, he was with MA talking to thatch and corkies kids :lol:

seriously though marcus, what are you gonna be able to talk about when the transfer window closes. I have enjoyed all of your insider knowledge and you have got plenty right, well done A1
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