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Internationals September 2019

FOX Franks

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Yeah but we get to learn from the Manager a fawing wankpiece pundits that Mason Mount is the future of English football and far better than James Maddison
Well obviously, he has scored ONE GOAL this season so obviously he is god


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They are talking about Mount as the player to come on to add the creative edge. They are biased wankers.


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Should be watching the cricket.

We're shit but at least somethings happening.

They haven't mentioned Mount once


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the current number 1 & 2 Danish goalkeepers are our players, Kasper starts Iversen on the bench


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Tielemans & Belgium 3 up at half time against the jocks
Lots of holding by McTommanie at corners
Also, if the Jocks are that good, why is Ryan Fraser on the bench????

Funky Fox

Justin time for his under 21 cap (80th minute sub) as that fantastic player and future of England football with that Mount player, Foden scores both in a 2-0 win
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Premier League

P Pld Pts
Liverpool  15
Manchester City  10
Tottenham   8
Manchester Utd  8
Leicester  8
Chelsea  8
Arsenal  8
Bournemouth  7
West Ham Utd  7
10 Southampton  7
11 Everton  7
12 Palace  7
13 Norwich City  6
14 Burnley  5
15 Sheffield Utd  5
16 Brighton  5
17 Newcastle Utd  4
18 Aston Villa  3
19 Wolves  3
20 Watford  2

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