Is England making the same selection mistakes? (the mild rantings of layman)


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This England team is bang average we have one world class player in Harry Kane the rest are good premiership players and that includes Maguire ( although he may become outstanding) Sterling, Henderson and Co are surrounded by world class players at their clubs, this makes them appear better than they actually are.

Sterling reminds me of Andy Cole at Man Utd he needs a hat full chances to score one. Kane on the other hand does not if you put him in any team in the league he would elevate them to a higher position. Our midfield imo lacks creativity and too much faith has been placed on players such as Mount who are just starting their careers off as premiere league footballers yet again our media are over hyping players that have proved nothing only that are playing for an established big team and as a result they must be good.

We are in desperate need of a midfielder with vision and the ability to take players on and drive that ball forward at pace, despite his 8/10 rating from the Telegraph Barkley is no where near good enough to take England forward as serious contenders for any international competition. England were fortunate in the previous World Cup in that the route to the final was incredibly fortuitous, I understand the mindset that we must beat whoever is put in front of you however, I can not help thinking the previous World Cup has yet again over inflated our standing in the game.

England have some good young players and Southgate has selected them although, I have this uneasy feeling he has reverted to type and will by and large select players from the established big 6. Maddison and Grealish are much more dynamic and have much more clarity and vision on the football field compared to Barkley or Winks but, they do not play for a club like Chelsea or Spurs (the perennial under achievers). For me Southgate should have taken more of a punt during this qualification phase, we have great talent in teams that are not fashionable and most will not have a look in. with the exception of Mings and Chillwell and a cameo from Wilson the status quo has remained.


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Well said Big Mac I completely agree with what you've said, unfortunately it's been like this for decades & will continue to do so.
Don't worry Ross Barkley will go back to his normal crap self when he plays against a team somewhat better than the wheelie bins that was Boiaria.

I have been criticized on here for suggesting that getting an England cap is hardly an achievement, you don't even have to play in the league & will get an England cap 1st as did Hudson-Odoi he plays for Chelsea do you think that would of happened if he played for Sheffield UTD ??

Yet Southgate would say something like he has to be playing regularly for his club side, this obviously doesn't count if you play for a big 6 team & this is the root of Englands problems & nothing is likely to change. Doesn't sound so good for the FA when the Chinese are watching England & the players are playing from clubs like Aston Villa, Leicester, Norwich, West ham etc etc easier to pick crap players from Chelski, Man U, Spuds etc etc it keeps the overseas t.v viewers interested.
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