Is the squad we have big enough for the Premier?

Is the squad we have big enough for the Premier?

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<div class="bbWrapper">I was just thinking about the squad we have for the Premiership:<br /> <br /> GK:<br /> <br /> Walker<br /> Coyne<br /> <br /> DF:<br /> <br /> Elliott<br /> Thatcher<br /> Taggart<br /> Sincalir<br /> Curtis<br /> Davidson<br /> Rogers<br /> Priet<br /> <br /> MF:<br /> <br /> Izzet<br /> Scimeca<br /> Nalis<br /> Mckinlay<br /> Gillespie<br /> Stewart<br /> Brooker<br /> Hignett<br /> Lewis<br /> <br /> ST:<br /> <br /> Dickov<br /> Bent<br /> Ferdinand<br /> Scowcroft<br /> Benjamin<br /> Wright<br /> <br /> <br /> So we have:<br /> <br /> 2 Goalkeepers<br /> 8 Defenders<br /> 9 Midfielders<br /> 5 Strikers<br /> <br /> That gives us a squad of 24 - Is this big enough for the Premiership?<br /> <br /> Can you imagine if Micky didn't make those 12 signings! <img src="/jsm/shock.gif" class="smilie" loading="lazy" alt=":shock:" title="Shock :shock:" data-shortname=":shock:" /></div>


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<div class="bbWrapper"><blockquote class="bbCodeBlock bbCodeBlock--expandable bbCodeBlock--quote js-expandWatch"> <div class="bbCodeBlock-title"> Anonymous said: </div> <div class="bbCodeBlock-content"> <div class="bbCodeBlock-expandContent js-expandContent "> u forgot impey </div> <div class="bbCodeBlock-expandLink js-expandLink"><a>Click to expand...</a></div> </div> </blockquote><br /> That's 25 then.</div>


<div class="bbWrapper">33 players:<br /> <br /> Walker, Impey, Sinclair, Taggart, Hignett, Izzet, Gillespie, Nalis, Ferdinand, Scowcroft, Stewart, Brooker, Davidson, Rogers, Coyne, Jones, Elliott, Benjamin, Scimeca, Dickov, Wright, Howey, Heath, Lewis, Deane, Curtis, McKinlay, Thatcher, O'Grady, Petrescu, Priet, Williamson, Bent.</div>

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<div class="bbWrapper">Its big enough probably not good enough if we keep getting stupid sendings off, 4 games gone and already feeling pissed off about our lack of discipline</div>


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<div class="bbWrapper">After four games im really worried about the injuries ,suspensions and lack of quality .I dont see this fighting and spirit attitude we used always have.<br /> Another thing is we dont seem to have any luck so far this season.. own goals,silly sending offs,missing chances for vital points etc etc...these things always seems to happen teams near the bottom.<br /> What do you think?</div>

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<div class="bbWrapper">We have only played 4 competative matches with a new team, even the most established managers in the world would struggle to get them playing to their full potential in such a short time. I think we will get better. Everyone was disapointed with the V***a result but the previous 3 games had been good performances.</div>
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