Is Walker going?

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Tommy Butler I played with Ian Walker at Spurs reserves and saw him last Sunday on holiday with Suzi in Marbella. He's going to Crystal Palace to stay in The Premiership for his England place.

This is off on the rumours section. Surely this cant be true!


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Holiday still, apparently. He was in almost constant training after the season ended with the England camp. Would have thought he'd be back for the Scotland tour though...but he still might be.


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chrislcfc18 said:
He is definitely back from holiday as watched him train with the other goalkeepers on Monday am
Good work. We need more spies on the training ground. :wink: :p


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If we get an offer went the transfer window re opens i think he will probably go so we can have some money as he is on the last year of his contract i think.And well be left in the shit n have 2 play Pressman. NOOOOOOO

BUt if it looks like were gonna have a good chance of going up he might stay n well risk losing him 4 free like izzet. Fingers crossed
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