Injury News James Justin

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Ike O'Noclassed

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Do you have any medical qualifications or research to back up this up?

Same as mine, PhD in Hindsightology, doesn't the prima facie evidence suggest that this is a prerequisite for posting on this forum?

My two penn'orth. I thought it is now received wisdom that Justin, Tielemans, Maddison and in a way Schmeichel were/are being "flogged" because they love playing and thrive on competitive matches. I've never seen this mentioned, but I presume each player's training and conditioning is calculated in some way as the combined total of training and playing.


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Care to link to something contrary to earlier then?

I was of the opinion that this sort of injury wasn't related to fatigue but a quick Google suggests otherwise.
I don't. I'm perfectly well enough qualified to write what I did. I have dealt with enough of them to know.


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I don't give a flying **** how he got injured.

If it was on the pitch in an FA Cup tie that doesn't even need to happen then I'm blaming the bloke that played him.

He's played every single game in the most condensed fixture list I can remember.

I don't care whether the player wants to play. I'm safe guarding him and Tielemans and others for a game that actually matters.

Play the kids, play the kit man, I don't care. We need our best players fit to play against the best teams in the competition that is most important.

I reserve the right to blame Rodgers as I explicably said before the game these players should be rested.

Turns out Justin would be available to face Liverpool today if the silly ****er protected his players better.


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^^^ That's strong reporting. They (The Sunday Times) must feel confident in being able to back it up. I know it's reporting of a report, and the ST since amended the original story, but nonetheless. If you were a believer in 'no smoke without fire' then you might be circumspect in seeing Dr English for your own treatment.
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